New Drivers Guide for Getting Your Ontario Driver’s License

ontario driver's license

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If you are a new driver in Ontario, here will learn how to apply for the Ontario driver’s license. There are a few tests you need to pass and here you will learn about the different stages of licensing in Ontario before you become a fully licensed driver.

Ontario Driver’s License Overview

Let me get you started from Ontario driver’s license overview. The stages to becoming a fully licensed driver in Ontario are as follows:

  • The G1 written test 
  • G1 License
  • Take the G2 driving test
  • G2 License
  • Take the final G driving test
  • Full G license

Class G1 Drivers License

First, you must pass your G1 test, which is a written multiple-choice test of 40 questions. The questions are divided into two sections, rules of the road and road signs. You must have 16 correct answers to pass the test. You must be 16 years old or above to take your G1 test and you must also pass a vision test. For more details about G1 test, click How To Pass Your Ontario G1 Test on The First Try

With a G1 license, which you receive after you pass your written test, you must obey all the rules of the road and also follow these rules at all time:

  • You must have a fully licensed driver sitting in the front seat
  • There cannot be any other passengers in the front
  • have a “zero” blood alcohol level
  • The driver in the passenger seat cannot have a blood-alcohol level above 0.05%
  • ensure all passengers wear a seatbelt
  • You cannot have more passengers than seat belts in the car
  • not drive on any 400-series highway
  • not drive between midnight and 5:00 a.m.
  • not use a cell phone while driving

If you in break any of these rules, you may be subject to the following penalties:

  • Vehicle seizures by police
  • Increased fines
  • Drivers licence suspensions
  • Higher  insurance costs

After one year of driving with your G1 license you can take the G2 driving test to receive your G2 license. If you are in a driver training program from a certified driving school, you do not have to wait a full year, you can apply for your G2 license after only 8 months. When you are enrolled in a certified driving school you will also receive a lower insurance rate from car insurance companies.

Class G2 Drivers License

You must pass your G2 driving test to receive your G2 license. This on road driving test will last around 20 minutes and will only be on city streets, not on any 400-series highways. The test will cover your basic ability to drive including the following:

  • Starting, stopping, turning the vehicle
  • Obeying traffic stops and signs
  • Passing other cars and also driving in the passing lanes
  • Ability to drive through various types of intersections with both lights and stop signs
  • Forward, reverse, and parallel parking
  • Reversing, 3-point turns, U-turns

We provide 7 tips for passing your G2 exams as well.

Once you pass the G2 driving test and receive your G2 license, drivers do not require an accompanying driver however they must still follow the following rules:

  • not use a cell phone 
  • have a “zero” blood alcohol level
  • ensure all occupants wear seatbelts
  • no more than one person in vehicle under the age of 20 years, if driving between 12:00am – 5:00am (for individuals that have held their G2 for less than 6 months)
  • no more than three persons in vehicle under the age of 20 years, if driving between 12:00am – 5:00am (for individuals that have held their G2 for 6 months or longer)

After you have the G2 license, you must wait one year before taking your final driving test to obtain your full G license. 

Full G License

To receive your full G license you must take a final road test that will test all the skills necessary to be a fully licensed driver in Ontario. The test will last upto 45 minutes and it will test all the basic driving skills plus the following skills:

  • How to merge into traffic onto a 400 – series highway at the correct speed
  • Passing other vehicles and changing lanes
  • Exiting the highway

Once you pass this test you are a fully licensed driver with a G license, and you can operate any Class G vehicle. The whole process of getting your license from start to end can take over 2 years, however, when you sign up for a driver training program from a certified driving school has many benefits so it is something you should consider. 

A beginner driver education (BDE) course from a driving school that has been certified by the government will give you the best chance to learn the rules of the road and how to apply your driving skills to be a safe driver and to pass each test on your way to a full G license. By taking a BDE course you are allowed to take your G2 driver test after only 8 months (as opposed to a full year of owning a G1 license). Also, the BDE course will decrease the amount of money you pay for your insurance premiums.

Hi-Tech Driver Education is a government MTO approved BDE course provider. Our courses are taught by fully Licensed driving instructors to help you get the Ontario driver’s license. For more details about us, click About us

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