How to pass your Ontario G1 test on the first try

How to pass your Ontario G1 test on the first try

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Getting a driver’s license is exciting for everyone. To receive your full G license, there are several steps you need to go through. You must first obtain your G1 license before you can apply for the G2 and the full driving license. If you are planning to take the Ontario G1 Test, the information below for the G1 Test and tips will help you to pass your test. 

Things you must know about the G1 Test

For the very first step towards getting your full G license, it is good to know all about the G1 Test. To apply for your G1 Test, you need to be at least 16 years old, pass an eye test, and pass the written G1 Test. Before you go to the Drive test center, make sure you have your identity documents that show your legal name, date of birth, and your signature.

Accepted identity documents

  • a passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • permanent resident card
  • record of landing
  • proof of residence
  • any immigration papers
If you are looking for the full details about the accepted documents, you can find them here

The format of writing the G1 Test

If it is your very first time taking the G1 Test, it is important to know what the G1 Test is like. The test is formed by 40 questions, and those questions are all multiple choice. The test is divided into two different parts and each part of the test has 20 questions each. The first part of the G1 Test will test your knowledge on Traffic Signals and Lights. You must know over 70 traffic signals and lights. The second part of the G1 Test will test your knowledge of The Rules Of The Road.  There are over 90 common rules of the road to know for Ontario roads. 

Is it necessary to study all the traffic signals and lights, and the rules?

Yes! Because the 40 questions you get on the test, will have different questions for each test. Questions are randomly chosen before you take the test, and you will never know which 40 questions you will get when you take the test. So it is better to study everything! Am I scaring you? Don’t worry, I will tell you how to prepare for your G1 Test in the next part.

How to prepare to take the written G1 Test

To get ready for your G1 Test, you can study for it by using the Ontario’s Official Driver Handbook. The handbook has all the rules of the road that you need to learn, and it also has tips for helping you become a better driver in general. You can buy the handbook:
  • online through ServiceOntario
  • at a Drive Test Center
  • from many retail stores
Once you start to study, it is a good idea to take the practice tests as part of your studying routine. This way you can check whether or not you are ready for the official G1 Test. It will also help you know the questions and answers that you should memorize. Re-taking the practice test will build up your confidence more and more, then you will be ready for taking the official G1 Test! Thanks to living in this internet world, there are many websites that have set up free online practice tests, so you can find them and try them very easily!

Tips for passing your G1 Test

For the day you take the G1 Test, there are few important tips that can help you pass the test. 

Tips 1: Take the practice G1 Tests 

As I mentioned, taking the practice tests gives you confidence. It also will help you stay relaxed during the G1 Test because you must have been through practice again and again before the actual test. You will see many of the same questions as the practice tests.

Tips 2: Get plenty of sleep the night before the test

You may feel worried and anxious the day before the test, but it is important to sleep well and it will help you think clearly and concentrate on your test.  Don’t stay up late reading the night before the test, try to get a good sleep instead.

Tips 3: Read each question at last twice and carefully during the test

While you are taking the test, you might go too fast because you feel worried about the time limit but this can lead to misunderstanding the questions or accidentally answering them incorrectly. The wording on questions can be tricky, so be careful not to misread the questions and all the answers.

Failure rate for G1 written test are somewhere in the range of 50% – 75% in Ontario

Having done the practice tests you will recognize how certain questions may be tricky or mislead you, don’t forget this!

Once you pass, you become a G1 License Holder and you can start to prepare for the G2 Road Test! 

If you pass your written G1 Test, you will get a G1 license and move on to preparing for G2 license on the road. Any new driver has to have a G1 license for at least 8-12 months before they can take the road test, which will get you your G2 license. This may seem like a long journey to become a fully licensed driver, but you can move forward step by step and learn everything you need at your own pace. With the right driving school behind you, you can become a confident driver who is able to take on any situation and pass your driving tests with flying colors!

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