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Once you have completed your G1 knowledge test, you are well on your way to becoming a fully licensed driver! With the help of a good G2 driving school, you can pass your G2 test. Although you may feel as if you can learn to drive with the aid of friends and family, this may not be the best solution. Your friends might be very capable drivers, but chances are, they have picked up some bad habits along the way that they are likely to pass on to you. Enrolling with a G2 driving school, such as Hi-Tech Driver Education will put you in a better position to pass your test. Our seasoned instructors will train you according to MTO driving standards so that you can develop the necessary skills to meet the testing criteria. It is also important to get objective feedback on your development so that strategic lessons can be planned around fine-tuning your technique.

However, sometimes it’s the little mistakes that can separate the successful candidates from the ones that will have to retake the test. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind before you take your G2 exam.

Tips 1: Get the best preparation at your G2 driving school

As the only adage goes ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. When it comes to passing your G2 exam,  this is especially true.
Getting an adequate amount of practice sessions before your exam is crucial. Because conditions are always evolving on the roadways, chances are, you will always face different challenges. Today your route might possess minimal traffic – which makes navigating easy. While tomorrow you can find yourself stuck in the rush hour commute. It is vital that you learn how to adapt to different circumstances. There is no certainty that conditions will be ideal on the day of your driving test. Good preparation will also boost your confidence and calm your nerves when you get behind the wheel.

Tips 2: Check with G2 driving school if your vehicle is road-ready

It is important that you take the time to conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle before you arrive at the DriveTest Centre. You can fail your exam before you even get on the road if you are unable to pass the prerequisite safety inspection. Safety regulations require your brakes, turning signals, horn, headlights, windshield wipers, seat belts, and mirrors to be in working order. It is good practice to promptly fix any issues with your vehicle that can put yourself and others at risk before venturing out.

Tips 3: Stay within the speed limit

Paying attention to the speed limit in different zones is critical.
I’ve seen countless drivers fail their G2 test because they don’t pay attention to the speed limit signs when they enter a new zone. You should be glancing at your speedometer frequently to ensure that you are within the speed limit. Driving fast will not impress your examiner. Neither will drive too slowly under the guise of ‘being cautious’. These actions demonstrate that you are incapable of following the road rules and are likely to endanger the lives of others. With that being said, remember that the posted limit isn’t absolute. If the driving conditions are unfavorable you will need to adjust your speed.

Tips 4: Always use your turn signals

Many candidates forget to use their turn signals when making lane changes or turning into a new street. Using your indicators allows you to communicate your intentions to others using the road (drivers and pedestrians) so that they can take the necessary safety precautions.

Tips 5: Check your mirrors frequently

Examiners will grade you on your ability to effectively check your mirrors. Therefore, it is paramount that you master this skill. Checking your mirrors isn’t only reserved for changing lanes, parallel parking, or backing out of a driveway. You are required to glance into your mirrors frequently when driving to manage the space around your vehicle.

Tips 6: Avoid slamming on your brakes

The manner in which you bring your car to a halt speaks volumes about your experience behind the wheel. Slamming on your brakes abruptly should only be reserved for emergency situations to prevent a collision. If you are approaching a stoplight or intersection, you are required to gradually decelerate your vehicle until it comes to a complete stop behind the demarcation lines.

Tips 7: Get the best preparation for left turns from your G2 driving school

Performing left turns poorly can result in immediate failure. When you are at an intersection, waiting for the traffic to clear to make a left turn, it is vital that you keep your vehicle and steering wheel completely straight. Adjusting the angle of the car not only demonstrates a bad driving technique but it can cause an accident as well.

If you are looking for a G2 driving school, then look no further than Hi-Tech Driver Education. Our instructors have a wealth of experience teaching new drivers how to drive safely and effectively on the roadways. We are committed to developing the necessary skills and habits that will help you pass your road test with flying colors.

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