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Let’s talk about how a safe driving school can change your life! Our inspiration to do anything in life begins with a vision. It might be reducing your commute time, spearheading memorable road trips with loved ones or earning some extra money on the side. Whatever your motivations are, you have recognized that becoming successful at driving will allow you to accomplish your goals.

Enroll in a safe driving school 

While learning at a safe driving school you can still feel how exciting and empowering driving can be, it also comes with a heavy responsibility. Once you’ve gotten behind the wheel and routed your destination, you must shift your attention towards protecting yourself, your passengers and everyone outside the vehicle. This is why it is crucial to enroll with a safe driving school that will help you develop good driving habits. Mastery of any skill starts with the practicing of good habits.

Below are 5 quick tips to help you exercise safe driving on the roadways.

Safe driving school Tip #1: Buckle Up

“Never pull out of a parking spot until all the passengers have fastened their seat belts”. This was one of the most important lessons instilled in me as a new driver. Your passengers may groan when you tell them to buckle up. However, it is best to lead by example and not let this deter you.

It is for everyone’s safety.

People often don’t realize the dangers of sitting in a vehicle without their seat belt on. Being within close proximity of your destination is not a valid reason to ignore safety practices. The harsh reality is that your seat belt is one of the best bets you have for surviving an accident. It secures your body safely in place so that you won’t be thrown around when there is a collision or rash stop. It also helps with reducing the impact of the crash. 

Safe driving school Tip #2: Look far ahead

If you want to prevent accidents from occurring, it is important that you look beyond the vehicle and space around you. Situations are constantly evolving on the roadways. If you’re only focused on what is directly in front of you, you won’t notice the warning signs or hazards that lie ahead. This best practice is essential for making better decisions because you have more time to assess the situation and implement a safe strategy.

Safe driving school Tip #3: Give yourself space

It only takes split seconds for an accident to occur. I’ve seen countless accidents occur from tailgating. If the driver you’re trailing suddenly steps on the brakes, chances are, you will collide with their rear. There is no reason you should be driving so closely behind another vehicle (especially a commercial one). The rule of thumb is to remain at a distance of one car length or 2 second differential from the driver in front of you. However, this is highly dependent on the weather conditions because you’ll have to adjust your braking distance when the road is wet or icy. Remember, you always want to have enough time to stop suddenly or react to unforeseen circumstances.

Safe driving school Tip #4: Be cautious

Even if you are certain that you have the right of way, it is still crucial that you are mindful of the surrounding circumstances. You always have to look out for drivers that may attempt to run the red light or pedestrians that may be J-Walking. These scenarios are very common causes for accidents on the roadways and can be quite easy to avoid with a bit of cf carefulness.

Safe driving school Tip #5: Never drive impaired

Driving impaired is the fastest way to get into an accident or even worse, cause a fatality. With so many ‘ridesharing’ options (e.g. Uber and Lyft) and taxi services available today there is no reason for you to operate a vehicle if you have been under the influence of alcohol, drugs or even medicine with psychoactive effects. Remember, you are not only jeopardizing your safety but everyone else that you’re sharing the road with.

Hi-Tech Driver Education for your safe drive

If you’re in need of a safe driving school in the Greater Toronto Area, then look no further than Hi-Tech Driver Education. Our highly experienced MTO approved instructors, always strive to provide you with in depth classroom and road practice sessions, so that you are well prepared to drive safely and effectively on the roadways.

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