Best Qualities for a Driving School

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At least once in every person’s life, they will attend a driving school. Whether that be to touch up existing skills or as a beginner. Before choosing a school there are some things you should look for that might make your experience a whole lot better. These qualities will cover both in-school and in-car since driving instructors usually are signed with specific companies. 


This is a very important thing to do before enrolling yourself in any driving school. Checking the reviews is incredibly important and can tell you a lot about the company and the instructors they have available. For example, Hi-Tech Driver Education has over 1200 reviews with a 4.9/5 star rating. There are countless reviews that highlight the strengths of both the school and the instructors. It gives potential customers the opportunity to see the opinions of real people who have gone through the training already. 


There are a lot of driving schools out there so another big thing you need to look out for is pricing. You should look for a school that not only provides top-quality education but one that doesn’t break the bank while in the process. Many driving schools have similar pricing but you also need to look for what they offer in each package for each price. Every student has different needs and you need to make sure that whatever driving school you choose meets those needs completely. A lot of people go into driving school with 0 in-car experience so those students may need more in-car lessons. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people that have their G2 but want more practice before going for their full G. These people would only need maybe 1-2 lessons to brush up their existing skills. Some schools may not offer the purchase of individual lessons so this is also something you may need to look into. In most cases, you can use the same driving school when going for your G2 and your G. 


Especially with what’s going on right now with COVID-19 many people who are going for beginner lessons are kids between 16-18. This means they are most likely still in school and may also have a part-time job on top of that. Committing to not only in-class lessons but in-car lessons might be difficult for them so what they need from a driving school is flexibility. Every driving school is the same when it comes to in-class lessons, you need 20 hours total. Many students cannot commit to completing these hours in long sessions so having a school that offers both long and short sessions might be ideal. Also because of COVID, there is a new system implemented called home-link which is basically homework you can do to show your knowledge that can be completed safely and with minimal interaction with anybody outside of your bubble.  


While there are many driving instructors who operate outside of a driving school, the majority of schools will provide drivers to you based on where you live. Going back to my tip from before, checking the reviews can be important in this sense as well. The school might have stellar reviews for their in-class lessons but there might be issues with their instructors. This is something to look out for. There are also certain qualities that your driving instructor should have that will make your job as a student significantly easier and better. 


The last thing you want when you go into a driving school is for the facility to be old and outdated. This can go for the space around you and even the course material. This is one of the more important aspects since you need to be taught the necessary material to be tested effectively and inevitably pass your driving tests whether that be your G2 or your G. A good driving school should be up to date in the relevant technologies and all the training material. The best situation is when students are able to demonstrate their in-class knowledge and take it from inside to outside in the car. 

Overall there are many characteristics that your driving school should exhibit to help you grow as a student and pass your G2 and G driving tests. You do research before choosing a high school or college so why not do the same for your driving school. The main point is that you put your needs first and pick a school that will not only meet those needs but go above and beyond. You can check out Hi-Tech Driving Education’s reviews on Google as well as the many different packages we offer and see which one works best for you. 

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