Driving Instructor Qualities You Should Look For

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At least once in everyone’s life, they will have to go to driving school or at least look into getting help from a driving instructor. A good tip is to look at the Google reviews for a driving school and see what people are saying about the school and the different driving instructors available at that location. These instructors are there to guide you into the world of driving, regardless of experience level or age. Here are some keywords and phrases that should apply to the person you task with your learning. 


Patience is a big one when it comes to driving instructors. Many people go into their in-car lessons with absolutely zero experience. This means they will need a little bit of extra attention, especially during their first few lessons. So driving instructors need to be patient and willing to answer any questions the student has. This can be anything from questions about road signs to who has the right-of-way. Being calm and collected will make their students feel more comfortable with asking questions and getting the most out of their lesson together. This skill also goes beyond when the student is in the car. Driving instructors are in their car for large portions of time going from lesson to lesson which means they might encounter traffic or other frustrating things on the road. It’s important for them to stay in a positive mindset so that when the student does get in the car they are able to help their student effectively. 

Strong communication and listening skills

Especially for new drivers, these skills are incredibly important. Good driving instructors should be able to communicate effectively and tell their students exactly what needs to be done and how they can fix their mistakes on the road. They also need to be able to listen to the problems and concerns of their students. If an instructor is talking for the duration of the lesson without letting the student get a word in then this type of communication is not beneficial to the student. It is also possible that some driving students could be scared of being on the road which leads to the next quality.

Instills confidence

Driving can be very intimidating for many people, regardless of age. A good driving instructor should be able to make their students feel confident on the road. There are many different ways this can be accomplished. They can start by being confident themselves. A driving instructor that knows their stuff well and can communicate all that information to their student can make the student feel very confident in themselves. Also being able to praise the student when they do something correctly and quickly, calmly fix errors or mistakes is another way to promote confidence in students.

Develop relationships

Developing a relationship between the driving instructor and student can be very helpful. Getting in the car with a new person can be awkward, so if your driving instructor is amicable and friendly it makes the experience better for both parties. While you need a driving instructor to help you obtain your G2 you don’t necessarily need one to help you acquire your G. By developing a relationship between teacher and student it becomes easier for the student to contact their instructor even after their G2. Some students might call their driving instructor to brush up their driving skills or do a couple of lessons on the highway before their G. 


This can relate to many different aspects of the driving school process, but in this case, your driving instructor should be able to adapt to anything on the road. They also should be able to differentiate teaching methods and present many different opportunities for students to apply their knowledge. They should be able to think on the fly for different routes if there are problems on the road or adapt their teaching style for each student. As stated before there are different levels of experience when people begin driving school, so where some people might only need help with certain skills like parallel parking, others might need more. Driving lessons should be a fun experience for everyone and doing these lessons shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Driving instructors are the front-line for teaching people how to drive safely and responsibly. They should also be seeking to further their knowledge and skills while teaching others. The process should teach the student a lot of different techniques and skills but also be fun for them. There are different packages available to students with varying amounts of in-car lessons and driving instructors should be able to use their time with the student effectively so that by the end of their lessons they are fully prepared, not just for their G2 road test, but also for everyday driving. 

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