3 Things To Consider When Looking For A Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor

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Whether you’re a teenager who’s eligible to  get their  driving examination, or you’re a new immigrant who migrated to Ontario to pursue driving, you have decided to complete your knowledge test for driving.   Upon obtaining your learners permit which allows you to operate a vehicle under supervision,   you have been informed by local friends and family that driving school/ finding a driving instructor may be the best option to master the art of driving. You understand that family may not have as much time around them to show you how to drive,   you believe that driving school/ instructors will give you all the time you need, from learning the basics of how to handle the steering wheel, to learning the different gears and when to use them.  Though you have decided driving school is the best option for your success, its important to know which school may return your best return on investment [passing the G-2 driving examination].  Rookie drivers must due their due diligence before deciding which driving school may be the best option, this can come down to the success rates a driving school may offer, it can most definitely come  down to how experienced the driving instructors are.    For students  to experience success, it comes down to how well the driving instructor is, this can vary from the emotions they display when young drivers are feeling pressure to operate the vehicle to the best of their ability, how informed instructors are about rule changes. For example, Ontario had recently decided to remove elements from the G-2 test such as parallel parking and three-point turn for the G-test, making it easier for drivers to acquire their G-license.  Though I may have  elaborated on  some key aspects that a driving instructor needs to be a good teacher, its crucial that instructors are qualified as the success of a student is dependent on the driving instructor itself. Driving instructors are the ambassador of any driving school, if students take driving school and most students are failing , this entails to the public that instructors are not qualified to teach, thus causing consumer traffic to go down in driving schools.   Not having a qualified driving instructor can allow customers to determine the conversion rate on success and fail before attending the actuals school itself, it can be from reviews on various social media platforms, blogs, or search engines such as Google. The reason I’ve put emphasis on having a good driving instructor is because the main idea of the blog below is to allow young drivers  to understand the different qualities it takes to make a good driving instructor.  Drivers should extract key ideas below about the different qualities it takes to find a good driving instructor to ensure success by passing your G-2 or G license.

1. Your Driving Instructor should have the right experience and qualifications to be an instructor

For young drivers  to  be successful, the most important thing is for any instructor to have the right credentials and experience.  Experience is crucial in any field, it means the employee is familiar doing their job,  it also means they carry loads of wisdom which could be passed on to the next generation, meaning students can learn new things that instructors have seen in the past. According to research, there is a positive correlation between having years and experience and finding success,   the more years  a teacher gains, the more likely the student is able  to reach maximum efficiency (Kini, Podolsky,2016).   It is safe to assume that instructors who carry many years of experience are bound to help new drivers be able to find success, allowing drivers to achieve the desired outcome.  When it comes to qualifications, its important that drivers do their research before hand, examining the necessary requirements instructors need to be registered. For example, drivers can access the main webpage of a driving school to see if instructors are approved by the province [ Ministry of Transportation of Ontario], use LinkedIn to see if drivers’ credentials are authentic.  Being an instructor means to have mercy on those who don’t possess as much as skill as you,  part of being a qualified instructor is to display the right emotions at the right time.  When it comes to qualified instructors, its important they are compassionate with drivers making mistakes, they try to lift the atmosphere around a tensed driver, making it more enjoyable (Admin,2017). Instructors should try to calm the nerves of any student as they are bound to make mistakes. Just like the job of a teacher is to take it slow with learners and not show anger,  qualified instructors will not punish drivers for being slow to learn new concepts, such as taking your time on left-turn lanes, rather qualified instructors will offer words of encouragement and strive to see drivers succeed.


2. If You Are Looking For A Qualified Driving Instructor, One Should Look At Their Conversion Rates When It Comes To Success

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars hoping to acquire the right resources to succeed, its only natural you want to see if you will receive any return on investment.  The purpose of driving school is to gain knowledge behind the wheel, learning from the fundamentals and succeeded along the way.  Drivers should look to see how the driving school is performing,  this can be done by accessing various social media platforms such as Facebook and Google reviews. Consumers who have attended that driving school in the past are sure to leave honest feedbacks as websites may not be so accurate.  Driver’s can   look to see if driving schools are certified, having government approved driving schools means driving instructors have to meet certain requirements as mentioned above [ being MTO approved].  In conclusion, it is important for drivers to research beforehand, asking previous drivers who attended a particular  driving school or instructor  and seek clarification on how their experience went. Previous customers are sure to leave positive reviews on Google or their Facebook page if they’re pleased with results, it also paves as an indicator to new drivers who are looking to do their due diligence,  allowing them to understand which school or instructors are worth investing into.

Any Driving Instructor should value your success, not your money

With driving instructors bound to charge high fees to use their services, drivers should look to see how instructors are beforehand. Drivers should look at the packages they provide, the duration of it, and to monitor progress as they are with the select instructor.  Drivers should look to see if they are making any progress, they should evaluate how much they have learned with this instructor,  performing an evaluation with the instructor to see if you are fit enough for the G-2 examination. If your driving instructor cares more about your success rather than the money you have, they will form an honest opinion on whether you are ready for the driving test. Bad instructors tend to rush students to drive  test centers for them to fail and charge more lessons, causing drivers to lose self confidence. Good instructors on the other hand will assess how far you have come, if you need more practice before making the final decision to enroll for your G-2 or G test.


In conclusion, for drivers to find success, it starts with the foundation they learn from a driving instructor should they choose to find one. It is important to make sure drivers do their research beforehand and see which instructor/ instructors from a driving school are worth it.  Drivers  who are already taking lessons at a local driving school should consult with their instructor to seek guidance on what  a qualified instructor looks like, should they recommend an instructor for friends or family.

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