What Is An MTO Approved Driving School?

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According to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, which can be otherwise known as the MTO, an MTO approved driving school is described by the government of Ontario as the following: 

“A beginner driver education program approved by the provincial government can teach you the skills and attitudes you need to be a safe and responsible driver. This page lists driving schools that offer a government-approved program.

Beginner driver education is now available digitally (online – self-learning or virtually) for the 20 hours in-class component, making it much more convenient for you to study where and when you want. 

How do you choose a ministry-approved driver education course?

Not all driving schools offer Ministry-approved beginner driver education courses. Look for schools that offer “MTO-approved beginner driver education courses”, or “Ministry-approved beginner driver education courses”.

Beginner driving schools in Ontario are regulated by MTO.”

As said above from the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, a Ministry-approved driving school is registered under the government’s directory of certified schools that grant new drivers in class and on the road training to achieve one’s driver’s license. 

Why go to an MTO approved driving school?

Going to a Ministry of Ontario-approved driving school has plenty of benefits, beginning with being a responsible driver with the expert experience provided by the government’s own approved drive training programs. In-class training, in-car training, and now online training is available and recommended by official MTO verified sources provided by the government to encourage safer and efficient driving. Choosing the best school starts with not only what reviews show, or what friends or family recommendations may show, but also what the government has to recommend. Getting an approved driving school can also get you significant discounts on insurance, and ensure a lifetime of safer driving from the experience gained from the courses an individual may decide to choose. 

How to go about choosing an MTO approved driving school

Not all schools are verified by the Ministry of Ontario, which is why it is important to do extensive research prior to choosing your driving school. Choosing just any driving school for the price and ease may seem good at first, but if you choose an MTO-approved driving school, you can master core driving schools that you may not be familiar with otherwise. Taking precaution with what Toronto driving schools there are, and which one of these driving schools are MTO-approved driving schools is something you have to choose wisely. 

Follow these steps provided by Super Driving School to choose the right school for you, and gain valuable driving experience in the process:

  • Find the best schools that offer courses that are MTO approved
  • Confirm with your friend and co-workers about the schools, and you can take their advice on which is the best make a list
  • Once you have listed the few schools, call them or visit them to know about the courses in detail
  • Communicate with the driving instructors because they will spend maximum time with you and teach you the skills. Knowing them better and understanding what they will teach will help you know how the training can be fruitful.

After completing an MTO approved driving school course

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More than anything, the most valuable thing you obtain from completing a driving course approved by the Ministry of Ontario, is the experience. New drivers or even drivers with prior experience can learn something useful from an MTO-approved driving school. It grants new abilities to drive more confidently, and skillfully. 

And of course, the insurance discount as well. 

But if you want to become a more comfortable and safe driver, looking into the best MTO-approved driving schools starts with eliminating the courses that are not certified by the government, and going straight to the official recommendations from the government of Ontario. 

A G1, G2, and G license do not appear as easily as just practice on the road. Sometimes poor driving habits can be eliminated after going to a driving school, and new habits can be attained.
Visit the official government list of MTO-approved driving schools here.

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