Top Five Most Gas Efficient Cars

Top Five Gas Efficient Cars

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As a fellow driver going to the gas station, you may be wondering why gas prices have gone up these past few weeks right? If you don’t own a smart device or follow the news, there is an all out war happening in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine.   Russia has decided to invade Ukraine, causing world leaders such as Canada and USA to impose sanctions on Russia for these uncivilized actions.  Since Russia is a big shareholder of oil, its natural for prices to rise since most of the oil is being used to aid Russia in the war (Mendoza,2022).  With gas prices rising over the past few weeks, drivers must ask themselves whether its time for a lifestyle change with the war not losing momentum in the coming weeks, maybe Its time to look into getting a new vehicle. With gas prices rising, it could be time to look into  new models of vehicles that maximize performance but minimize gas usage. Below are five cars listed below that can help drivers understand which vehicle is the most gas efficient car.

1. The Honda Accord Hybrid EX is the most gas efficient car [2022]

Honda has always had a knack on being environmentally friendly,  which is why HONDA took the initiative to create the “ECON” button on hybrid models, this was first introduced in 2009 (Carcody,2021).  Honda created Hybrid models with the intention of saving gas when ever possible. According to research, the difference between Hybrid and non-Hybrid comes down to the core of the engine itself. Non-Hybrid models power the engine by gas usage, hybrid models will use both the original engine, but can switch to an electric engine, allowing cars to save on gas a lot quicker in comparison to non-hybrid models.  With hybrid models introducing the “ECON” button mentioned above,  “ECON” allows HONDA vehicles to save gas through various pathways such as cruise control. When ever the vehicle is on cruise control, the vehicle will  switch from the gas engine to the electric engine, causing you to save money on gas (Honda of Kirkland,2020).  According to research, investing in a HONDA accord hybrid  is the right way to go with the Accord Hybrid allowing consumers to save 48 MPG in the United States, which means you can save up to $350.00 per year (DeMichiel,2021).  The Honda Accord uses the “Electric-Continuously Variable Transmission or better known as E-CVT, which  is one of the latest hybrid engines up to date, saving more money than before, it has a 2.0 litre capacity, 16 valve and a four-cylinder engine allowing efficiency without compromising performance (HONDA,2022).

2. The second most gas efficient car is the Toyota Camry Hybrid [2022]

The next vehicle young drivers should investigate investing is the Toyota Camry Hybrid. According to research,  the Toyota Camry Hybrid  can amass up to 59 MPG [miles per gallon] on the highway (John Elway’s Crown Toyota,2021),  meaning that drivers can expect to have a vehicle that can consume less gas but also deliver exceptional results while driving.  The Toyota Camry Hybrid comes with  exclusive specifications such as 208 Hybrid System Net Power 2.5L  Hybrid Engine (John Elway’s Crown Toyota,2021),  just like the HONDA has an “ECO” mode, the Toyota Camry Hybrid also allows drives to have that feature available, giving drivers the opportunity to save more gas and switch engines to save gas usage.  The Toyota Camry Hybrid also comes with a unique feature known as EV mode. The EV mode basically allows the vehicle to operate solely on the battery, resisting usage from  the gas engine itself (Stratton,2019).  Toyota as a brand has been dedicated to making the environment more sustainable, this is reflected by eliminating as much CO2 when applicable and using technology to improve vehicles and solely transition from using gas engine to full-on hybrid engines (Toyota,2022).

3. The third most gas efficient car is the Hyundai IONIQ [2022]

The next vehicle drivers should look to purchase is the new Hyundai IONIQ 2022.  As an automotive company, Hyundai has always been moving towards making the environment a better place to live,    focusing on how to reduce carbon emissions,  minimize using earth’s resources before it becomes extinct (Hyundai,2022).  Hyundai has decided to create IONIQ vehicle models,  allowing drivers to maximize performance without hindering gas usage. The IONIQ Hybrid allows drivers to consume 4.0L  per 100 km, allowing drivers to drive around 1,125 Km in one gas trip [tank] (Hyundai Canada,2022).  The Hyundai IONIQ comes with a 1.6 gasoline direct engine and a 32-kW motor to utilize both gas and battery (Hyundai Canada,2022).  The IONIQ model also comes with “ECO-Driving Assist System”, allowing drivers to plan their route destination and have the vehicle decide how much gas/ battery is to be used for the trip (Hyundai Canada,2022).,supply%20power%20simultaneously%20or%20independently.

4. The fourth most gas efficient vehicle would be the Honda Insight [2022]

The fourth most efficient vehicle young drivers could look to purchase is the  Honda Insight.  The Honda Insight clocks in at 151 horsepower with gas and electric engine, the electric engine is strong enough to run for one mile without gas intervention (Capparella,2022).  The Honda Insight has  a 1.5 litre Atkinson engine, allowing drivers to receive up to 4.7L/ 100 km of gas efficiency (Canadian Black Book,2022).  The Honda Insight also is a lot more durable; the vehicle can clock 100,000 to 200,000 miles without having severe maintenance issues (Smith,2022).  The Honda Insight also comes with Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission [e-CVT] (Honda News,2022), allowing drivers to have  an easier driving experience, especially when drivers must change gears, it will be very smooth.

5.The fifth most gas efficient car would be the KIA Forte LXS

Finally, the last car that drivers should investigate investing is the  KIA Forte LXS.  The KIA Forte LXS  is able to store a max of 11.9 gallons and can travel above 420 miles  for one round of gas, meaning that one round trip of gas should be enough for the vehicle to travel in terms of endurance (Central Kia,2022). KIA has always been striving for the environment to be more friendly, this is evident through reducing waste products that can harm the environment, minimizing waste through logistics and using technology to further develop mechanisms that can allow vehicles to produce less gas and prepare us for a future where battery could run engines at a higher usage (Worldwide KIA,2022).

If new drivers decide they would like to explore the route of purchasing a vehicle with less gas, there is nothing wrong with asking people who may have adequate knowledge on which vehicle to acquire such as driving instructors or your parents.

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