How To Do Forward Parking

forward parking

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Now that you’ve read our blog posts on parallel parking and reverse parking, we will teach you how to do forward parking. Learn how to forward park by following these easy steps below!

Step 1: Find a parking spot

Pick a parking spot of your choice. Make sure that there are no other drivers already waiting for this spot.

Step 2: Signal to the direction

Once you’ve decided on your parking spot, signal to the direction you’re parking in so that other drivers and pedestrians will know where you are going.

Step 3: Align your shoulder to the middle of the parking spot right before your desired parking spot

As compared to reverse parking, you’ll be needing more distance between your car and the other parked cars. Leave a distance of around 8 feet from the parking spaces. Afterwards, move your car until your shoulder is aligned to the middle of the parking spot right before the parking spot you wish to park in.

Step 4: Turn driving wheel all the way to the direction you’re heading to

Press your brake pedal and turn your driving wheel all the way to the direction of the parking spot. When you’re ready, let go of the brake pedal and carefully press your gas until you’re positioned inside the parking space.

Step 5: Straighten your driving wheel

These last two steps are similar to our other tutorials on reverse and parallel parking. Straighten the wheels of your car by adjusting the driving wheel back to its normal position.

Step 6: Switch to park gear, pull up handbrake, and turn off your engine

You did it! Now you can switch to park gear, pull up the hand brake, and turn off your engine. Carefully open your door and make sure you don’t collide with the car beside or hit a pedestrian. Always remember to lock your doors as well!

See the video below for a recap on these easy steps to do forward parking!

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