How To Do A Roadside Stop?

roadside stop

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If you are just want to start to drive or you have just found yourself in traffic, roadside stops may have made you a little nervous. You don’t need to be anxious about this, because at Hi-Tech Driver Education, we have prepared a 4-step tutorial for you. Let’s take a look at roadside stops in these easy steps.

1) Signal is everything for roadside stop.

  • Before slowing down, we give our right signal and check our surroundings and blind spot.

2) Parallel parking? You got this!

  • We stop at the roadside stops with a 30 cm gap from the right side.

3) It’s time to stop.

4) We stopped on the side of the road; now it’s time to get back to traffic.

  • At this stage, we do nothing different; we repeat all the steps. But let’s repeat it one more time. When exiting, signal left and merge back into traffic. Check your mirrors and left blind before proceeding.

Last but not least, our tip;

Do not stop any driveway, entrance and other traffic. To learn more about Hi-Tech Driving Education, please click here.

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