DriveTest Centre Failure Rates for G2/G By Ontario City

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We know how intimidating it can be to book your road test at a local DriveTest centre, that’s why we’re here to help! Hi-Tech Driver Education not only trains you to complete the tests but we will also book your G2 and G road test for you.

DriveTest CentreRoad Test for G2 LicenseRoad Test for G License
Aurora40% failure rate38% failure rate
Bancroft21% failure rate30% failure rate
Barrie30% failure rate24% failure rate
Belleville22% failure rate20% failure rate
Brampton53% failure rate41% failure rate
Brandford35% failure rate29% failure rate
Burlington36% failure rate31% failure rate
Chatham-Kent27% failure rate20% failure rate
Clinton35% failure rate30% failure rate
Cornwall36% failure rate22% failure rate
Downsview52% failure rate45% failure rate
Dryden19% failure rate20% failure rate
East York44% failure rate35% failure rate
Espanola21% failure rate7% failure rate
Etobicoke51% failure rate47% failure rate
Fort Frances28% failure rate23% failure rate
Guelph37% failure rate37% failure rate
Hamilton38% failure rate39% failure rate
Hawkesbury26% failure rate31% failure rate
Huntsville27% failure rate18% failure rate
Kapuskasing21% failure rate9% failure rate
Kenora7% failure rate16% failure rate
Kingston26% failure rate28% failure rate
Kirkland Lake27% failure rate12% failure rate
Kitchener31% failure rate32% failure rate
Lindsay32% failure rate29% failure rate
London31% failure rate31% failure rate
New Liskeard26% failure rate34% failure rate
North Bay23% failure rate22% failure rate
Oakville43% failure rate45% failure rate
Orangeville37% failure rate37% failure rate
Orillia26% failure rate25% failure rate
Oshawa36% failure rate29% failure rate
Ottawa (Canotek)32% failure rate34% failure rate
Ottawa (Walkley) 30% failure rate25% failure rate
Owen Sound37% failure rate33% failure rate
Pembroke36% failure rate36% failure rate
Peterborough38% failure rate31% failure rate
Port Union47% failure rate46% failure rate
Renfrew42% failure rate30% failure rate
Sarnia24% failure rate23% failure rate
Sault Ste. Marie11% failure rate12% failure rate
Simcoe26% failure rate33% failure rate
Smiths Falls37% failure rate33% failure rate
St. Catharines31% failure rate33% failure rate
Stratford24% failure rate29% failure rate
Sudbury 14% failure rate11% failure rate
Thunder Bay20% failure rate19% failure rate
Tillsonburg46% failure rate34% failure rate
Timmins25% failure rate17% failure rate
Walkerton32% failure rate31% failure rate
Winchester 20% failure rateNo Data
Windsor41% failure rate31% failure rate
Woodstock35% failure rate25% failure rate

Doing your G2 road test at an Ontario DriveTest Centre?

The first thing you have to choose is which city you will be doing your G2 in. The most logical option is the closest DriveTest centre to your house, however, you are not restricted to only those 1 or 2 locations. There are many factors that can affect the pass/fail rate at a DriveTest centre like how busy the roads, how strict the examiners are, or even how many people are choosing that location to do their test.

If you look at the table above you can see that Kenora, Ontario, and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario has the lowest failure rates when it comes to the G2 road test. Kenora at 7% and SSM at 11%. This means that there is a very low chance to fail if your test is taken at either of these locations.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, are the Toronto districts (and Brampton). Brampton, Ontario currently sits with the highest failure rate at 53% while Etobicoke, Downsview (North York), and East York sit in the high 40’s to low/mid 50’s. This means there’s only half of a chance to pass at these locations.

Doing your G road test at an Ontario DriveTest Centre?

Like your G2 test, the first thing you need to think about is what DriveTest centre location you are going to book the test at. While most of the same factors apply to affecting the pass/fail rate at each centre, there is one that only affects the G road test which is how busy the highways are in the area.

On the table Espanola, Ontario and Kapuskasing, Ontario have the lowest failure rates when it comes to the G road test. Espanola with 7% and Kapuskasing with 9%. Which means these locations have the highest success rate for passing the G road test .

On the other end Etobicoke, Ontario has the highest failure rate, along with some of the other Toronto districts as well as Oakville, Ontario, and Port Union, Ontario. All of these locations are in the mid-high 40’s range which means there is almost half a chance to pass the test here.


We would like readers to keep in mind we have no issues with any particular DriveTest centres. We are only presenting the data so that everybody has this knowledge and can make an informed decision when deciding which DriveTest centre is right for them.

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