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Thanks God I got my G2 today I special thanks to high tech driving school and to Paul for his patient to teach me everything for being a best driver, now this it thank you so much....God bless you all.... if anyone willing to be a best driver highly recommended HIGH TECH DRIVING SCHOOL....


Hi- tech driving education is an fantastic,and amazing, driving,Paul is an good teacher, mentor instructor he guide you until you feel comfortable..and secured.he is very patient to teach you slowly until you got the things of rules and regulation.if im mistaken he makez doesnt get you down and frustrated, he keep going to learn and guide until you feel better.very gently to corrected 5he mistake and making remember for the nextime. I did past my G2 test on the first time ,higly recommended Hitech driver educatiion.thank you very much


The best driving school to go to bar none. Was suggested by a friend and boy I am thanking them. Shout out to Paul. He is the man.


I took my driving lessons here and successfully passed my g2 no problem. Paul was the best instructor! Would recommend anyone to come here because you are guaranteed to do well.


Hi-Tech Driver education is a great school! Thanks to my instructor Paul Raheja who helped me through the process of getting my G test, which I successfully passed today. I would recommend this school for beginners as well as those who need to sharpen up their driving skills for their G test !.


Hi Tech Driving School is the best, the instructors are patient and very skilled and actually care about thier students, not only do they teach you the road rules and regulations they support you on the ride. I would recommend them to anyone.


Hi Tech is an amazing driving driving. Paul is an wonderful instructor. He makes you feel comfortable and secure around the wheel. If you make a mistake he doesn't get frustrated and make you feel nervous. You're gently corrected making you remember the next time. I passed my G test on the first try with only 3 1hr lessons with him and I've only been driving a yr and a half. Highly recommended!


Excellent driving school! Instructors were very friendly making students comfortable and efficient for those with some to no experience. I highly recommend everyone to go to Hitech and get the most affordable and the best learning experience.


People if you want to passed ALL LEVELS OF DEFENSIVE driving skills COME ENROLL NOW AT HiTech Driving School located at wilson and keele! GO SEE PAUL NOW!


My son got his G2 licence after taking classes from them in first shot,Paul is really awesome person and more over they have more than 20 years of experience which definitely helps everyone...keep the good work going !!! Thanks!


I must say that the atmosphere at the Hi-Tech Driver Education was really very friendly. Their instructors help you understand the basics and safety procedures for driving in a very pleasant way. They really encourage me and never scold me if I did something wrong. Rather they just correct me immediately instead of waiting for the last moment. I also thank them to help to pass my road test. Thanks!!


Hi-Tech Driver Education gives driving lesson along with the self-belief to drive. They have very good instructors that are always punctual during lessons. They are very understanding and caring with the student. They can also adjust your timings as per your convenience when you want to have your lessons. I highly recommend this school to all nears and dears. Thanks!!


I had a tremendous experience with Hi-Tech Driver Education. My instructor was uncomplaining and kind and he teaches me how to drive on the highways and the residential streets and I got lot of confidence with him. I found him to be very qualified and attentive and he helped me whenever I did anything wrong and that could have caused me to fail the road test. I recommend their name to anyone who is looking to learn driving and especially to them who want to pass their road test. Thanks Very Much!!!


I went to Hi-Tech Driver Education and had my classes here and found it very helpful and they teach me defensive driving from them. Their instructors are very expert and easy to understand. They help me to pass my road rest. I will recommend this driving school to everyone who wants to learn protective driving and have fun with learning driving. Thanks!!


Hi-Tech Driver Education is very great and they have very supportive instructors who teach you all the rules and regulations regarding driving on the highways and residential streets so that you can become a perfect road driver. Thank You!!